Los Angeles    Hosts up to: 30 Guests
Picnic for 2
Additional Guest
Extra Hour
Initial Deposit
50% to reserve

Extra Add-ons

  • Art Supplies: $18
  • Message Display Board: $12
  • 2 Slices of Cake: $24
  • Fresh Flower Bouquet: $28
  • Game Table: $28
  • Antique Frill Umbrella: $28
  • Charcuterie Board: $56
  • Macrame Wall: $56
  • Balloon Garland: $112
  • Charcuterie Feast: $113
  • Beach Picnic: $100

Picnic Details

Aesthetic Moments. Beautiful Time Outside. Celebrations of Precious Moments Anywhere.


Servicing Southern California locations:

  1. Parks
  2. Beaches
  3. Personal Residences
  4. Venues
  5. *Mileage Fee for location is charged post reservation*

Themes offered:

  1. White & Pinky
  2. Ocean Blues
  3. Forest Greens
  4. Boho Nudes
  5. Lilac Purples
  6. Romantic Red
  7. Tea Time Pinks and Greens
  8. Black and Golds
  9. Deep Navys

What is included:

  1. Picnic Table, Rug, Pillows, Throw and Table Settings
  2. Candles, Faux Flowers and Misc. Decor
  3. Speaker and Refreshments
  4. 7 Ft Teepee


  • Cancellation Policy
  • Select Cancellation Policy (2-10 guests)
  • Select Cancellation Policy (11-20 guests)
  • Select Cancellation Policy (21-30 guests)

  • Reschedule Policy (2- 10 guests only)
  • For 2-10 guests, one free reschedule is allowed if requested 48 hours before picnic

  • Payment Policy (2- 10 guests only)
  • Remaining balance is due 48 hours before picnic
  • For guests 11 or more, please see additional rules and contact vendor to discuss

  • Additional Rules
  • We must be notified of any event changes (date, location, guest count, and service expectation) 24 hours in advance before original appointment time. Additional charges may apply for changes in date, guest count, and service expectations. Balance Must be payed 50% prior to the event to secure the date of booking. 50% Deposit is non-refundable. The last 50% must be payed 24 Hours in Advance to appointment to be fully and offically booked. Cash is accepted at the start of appointment time if the client decides to complete payment with cash. Celestial Picnics and Events will complete duties as agreed upon within the allotted service time and shared expectations. Time or service requested beyond the time and work indicated on invoice must be paid for accordingly. Damages Policy Client is responsible for protecting all items rented to you for the picnic or event by Celestial Picnics and Events. If any Item(s) is/are lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed during your rental, you will be responsible to Celestial Picnics and Events for all costs associated with repairing, restoring and/or replacing such Item(s). You may also be responsible to Celestial Picnics and Events for additional charges during the period required to repair, restore or replace any Rented Item(s) which is/are lost, damaged or destroyed, and/or the loss in value of such Item(s). Cancellation Policy Deposits are non-refundable regardless of cancellation/rescheduling. Last 50% of full payment is refundable if Celestial Picnics and Events is notified 24 hours prior to the original appointment time. Cancellation can be done for personal, medical or weather related reasons. If Celestial Picnics and Events cancels on you for personal, medical or weather related reasons, client is subject to receive full payment and half of the deposit back. Weather Policy Wind and rain are persistent issues during some seasons of the year. If the client has purchased the Luxury or Celestial package featuring the large items of 7ft. Teepee Tent and Chiffon Drapes, Celestial Picnics & Events will not put out these large items in high winds. High winds of 20 mph+ result in large items being at risk of toppling over onto guests no matter the weight to secure items to the floor. Celestial Picnics or Events will refund client about 3/4th of the cost of the rental of the large item. That case being $22 for the Luxury Package and $30 for the Celestial Package. Time Policy Client has a 15 minute window for arrival to their picnic after booked appointment time. If client arrives past arrival window, cleanup will still be scheduled to take place 15 minutes after the end of their booked slot of time. Please arrive no more than 5 minutes early and 15 minutes late. Arriving early prevents staff from putting last minute touches the picnic may have required due to unseen forces such as sparsity of parking, weather or other complications.


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$135.00/2 Guests, 2 Hours

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