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My now fiancé was blown away by the luxury picnic proposal I planned for her, and she said yes!
- Sean
Such a great and unique way celebrate my birthday at the beach. Thank you Fernanda for the beautiful picnic set up!
- Kaylee
I love purple and blue flowers and Alicia went above and beyond to find the perfect flowers for my picnic.
- Jenn

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Why book a luxury picnic in Los Angeles

Los Angeles has become the hub for booking amazing luxury picnic Los Angeles experiences, and now more than ever, there are many local pop up picnic LA companies offering stunning picnic set ups. From the always popular boho aesthetic to rose filled romantic proposals, there are so many themes and customizations to create a park or beach picnic Los Angeles event truly memorable. But the setup is only the half of it; LA picnic companies are unmatched in providing excellent service and hospitality that will elevate your celebration. 

A photo is worth a thousand words, which is why we strongly advise you to browse through all the local pop up picnic listings in Los Angeles on Best Picnic Spots and check out their photos to find the one that matches your style. Nevertheless, here are some of the essentials that almost all luxury picnic Los Angeles events come with as part of their base price.

The typical LA beach pop up picnic setup:

  •     Elevated picnic tables
  •     Elegant table runners or cover
  •     Boho styled rug 
  •     Rustic Placemats
  •     Colorful cushioned pillows
  •     Candlelit lighting
  •     Carefully crafted tablescapes with champagne flutes
  •     Floral arrangements and garlands
  •     Chalkboard with customized message
  •     Board Game options
  •     Delectable food: Charcuterie or more
  •     Refreshing ice-cold beverages
  •     Teepee or Umbrella
  •     Bluetooth speaker
  •     And More

Be sure to check out which amenities come with the standard price for each pop up picnic Los Angeles setup. No two luxury picnic in Los Angeles companies are alike, just as no two picnic events are the same, so make sure to message vendors directly to see if they will customize their LA luxury picnic for you. Los Angeles picnic companies provide first-class events and will coordinate to your liking at any location, whether a beach picnic LA, park, or private residence. 

The Food:

Let’s talk food. Luxury picnic Los Angeles companies are known for providing pop up picnics with some amazing food options. The standard beach picnic LA or park picnic typically comes with a charcuterie board brimming with artisanal meats, cheeses, fruits, and crackers. For a LA pop up picnic for two, one charcuterie board is the perfect light lunch or appetizer to get you through until your next engagement. In addition, many picnic companies collaborate with local bakeries to provide you baked goods and foods sourced and cooked by LA locals. It’s a great way to have a Los Angeles beach picnic and support small local businesses at the same time!

For those with a larger appetite, be sure to check out all the food add-ons that can be added to your luxury beach picnic Los Angeles event. Pop up picnic companies in LA are always happy to include specialties like sandwiches, sushi, cupcakes, Danishes, and more. You and your friends will be happy for the food since celebrating in front of a stunning luxury picnic can build up an appetite. 

The Beverages:

Who doesn’t love a good mimosa for a mid-morning Sunday. Bear in mind that alcohol is not permitted at the beach, so your Los Angeles beach picnic won’t include any bubbly. However, for those hosting a pop up picnic LA setup at their house or private residence, adding champagne to your picnic set up is an easy and great way to make luxury picnics standout. Feeling left out that your Luxury beach picnic Los Angeles event won’t have good drinks…don’t fret. Picnic service providers will bring some sparkling water or juice to quench your thirst while maintaining the luxurious style.

 How to customize:

So you’ve browsed through many of the Los Angeles picnic listings, but you still haven’t found the photo that sings to you. Don’t worry. We get that picking and finding your perfect picnic can be challenging at times. You want to ensure your pop up picnic Los Angeles setup will match what you’ve envisioned. 

 The good news is that beach picnic Los Angeles companies know this. Hospitality and service is key to building happy customers and acquiring 5 star reviews. So work with them to see if they’re willing to try something new. Don’t want a bohemian style pop up picnic, ask if they have other themes. Want a luxury picnic in Los Angeles themed about cats; go ahead and ask. Los Angeles picnic companies love to cater to customers, and can add custom prices to meet whatever crazy idea you might have. We’ve seen some pretty stellar setups before, and we’re excited to see what other pop up picnic ideas will appear in the future!

All The Events:

All celebrations, from a 50 year anniversary to a weekend friend get together, should be enjoyed. Most luxury picnic Los Angeles companies are experts in catering to your special day. Anniversary picnics, date night picnic, or an epic over-the-top, with massive “Marry Me” sign picnic. They’ve got you covered. They bring pop up picnic LA ambience to any venue in the greater Los Angeles county, and can transform your average backyard into a romantic picnic escape for two. Pop up picnic LA setups are a great choice for celebrating graduations, bar mitzvahs, sport team wins, and more. 

Engagements, Showers, Weddings… oh my:

Need to add some pizazz to your bachelorette party? Pop up picnics in Los Angeles are easily becoming one of the top ideas to elevate many of your wedding celebrations. So why not combine a beautiful pop up picnic at Santa Monica with a baby shower. Luxury picnic Los Angeles companies offer pink and blue themed setups, perfect for your big announcement. Allow the picnic service vendor to handle all the petty details. They’ve worked with so many guests and customers, they know intrinsically what works, and can relieve you of all the pains of stressful planning. 

Luxury picnics in Los Angeles are becoming so popular now that they even cater to full on wedding events, offering beautiful setups at your local beach. Different, unique, and sure to be remembered by you and your guest. 

Message your luxury picnic Los Angeles vendor through Best Picnic Spots to work out all the details of your big day. 

Book a luxury picnic in Los Angeles through Best Picnic Spots?

Luxury picnic Los Angeles set up providers want to give guests a gorgeous beach picnic LA experience at a reasonable price. For your typical 2 person picnic, prices start around $250 and include the aesthetic setup, cleanup, foods, ambiance, and more. Elevate your LA park or beach picnic by adding add-on’s such as dessert platters, chocolate fondue, cupcake ferris wheels, custom backdrops. To book with a LA pop up picnic company, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Scroll or filter through the luxury picnic Los Angeles listings and pick out the ones that work for you. Message your pop up picnic LA company through the messaging system to run through your luxury picnic details and see if they’re a good fit.
  • Step 2: Pay a deposit to reserve a specific day and time for your pop up picnic Los Angeles setup. Don’t worry. You won’t be paying the full amount here. Typically, picnic companies charge a 25-50% deposit to reserve your luxury picnic in Los Angeles. 
  • Step 3: Work with your picnic company to hash out the specifics of your picnic set up.  During this time, you can also make adjustments, customizations, or add more add-ons to your park or beach picnic in Los Angeles. 
  • Step 4: Pay remaining fee of your luxury picnic in Los Angeles invoice at minimum 48 hours prior to your pop up picnic in LA experience. 
  • Step 5: Show up and rejoice while you sit at your luxury picnic Los Angeles set up. 

 Questions and Answers 

 What does the standard picnic from a luxury picnic in Los Angeles company include? 

Answer: 2 hours of service with all the setup and cleanup. Your luxury picnic in Los Angeles will include your themes, decorations, tables, charcuterie spreads and drinks, soft pillows, floral arrangements, and more.   

How many guests can attend an LA pop up picnic at the beach?

Answer: It all depends on which vendor you choose. Some pop up picnic companies can create beach picnic set ups of 2 to 50 people; whereas others may only be able to accommodate 8. Every picnic is unique to every luxury picnic in Los Angeles company. Be sure to use the filter functions while searching through Best Picnic Spots. By choosing a larger amount of guest (for instance, 50) and then searching, you’ll be showed only luxury beach picnic Los Angeles listings that can service that many guests. Unsure about the number of guests attending? Contact the pop up picnic LA company to discuss pricing options that are custom to you. 

How do I choose the locations? 

Answer: Los Angeles is an amazing city filled with some of the best beaches and parks in the world. LA picnic companies want to help you in finding a great location for your pop up picnic set up in Los Angeles! They are seasoned LA residents who have experience setting up aesthetic picnics around LA, Malibu, and the South Bay. Simply message them your questions for some expertise advice, such as best times for a sunset picnic. Or finding the ideal location for a more private romantic luxury picnic in Los Angeles. Or perhaps you want a picnic set up that has a great view of the LA skyline. They’re here to help. Already have your exact location in mind for an LA picnic on the beach or park? Send them the address and your luxury picnic LA company will happily accommodate. 

Do LA pop up picnic company staff remain on-site for the luxury picnic? 

Answer: In order to provide you with privacy, and after your luxury picnic in Los Angeles has ensured your picnic setup meets your expectations, they will leave you to complete your picnic. They’ll return after the two hour picnic time has elapsed and your LA luxury picnic has concluded. Have any problems during the middle of your picnic experience? Staff members of Los Angeles pop up picnic companies are typically within the area, so if an emergency arises, please notify them via Best Picnic Spots’ messaging system. Luxury picnic Los Angeles companies are here to make your day amazing. 

What if I have allergies / food sensitivities on the standard food items? 

Answer: Pop up picnic Los Angeles companies will often cater to specific requests, especially when they revolve around allergies or food choices. If you do have allergies, on a special diet, vegan, dairy-free, or gluten free, make sure to tell your luxury beach picnic Los Angeles company. They will often have alternative options they can provide for your picnic setup.

Can I leave my LA pop up picnic early? 

Answer: If you’re leaving a luxury picnic Los Angeles event before your booked time has elapsed, please be sure to message your beach picnic LA company and give them at least a 20 minute heads up. This way, they can return and clean up your picnic setup. Remember, unless otherwise told, you are in charge of the picnic equipment during your designated time slot.

Can I hire a photographer to capture the moment of my beach picnic LA setup?

Answer: You are free to bring in your own photographer, but many luxury picnics in Los Angeles offer a photography package for an added fee. So if you don’t want to deal with coordinating between multiple vendors, simply allow your pop up picnic company in LA to take care of it for you. Especially when it comes to capturing that once in a lifetime shot when you first propose to your loved one in front of a luxury beach picnic LA set up. 

 Are Los Angeles luxury picnic setups Covid safe?

Answer: Yes. LA Pop up picnics at the beach, the park, or at your house are one of the most Covid safe events. LA picnic companies strive to create a safe and fun experience, ensuring they provide clean and disinfected pillows, rugs, and tables, and placemats each time. Many will also include hand sanitizer wipes with your Los Angeles beach picnic as well!

Can I ensure the LA beach pop up picnic is a surprised for my partner?

Answer: Definitely! Pop up beach picnic Los Angeles companies are always stoked to help plan that special surprise for your loved ones, whether that be a proposal, birthday, or just a romantic date. Coordinate with the pop up LA picnic provider regarding timing and staff can make sure they are away from your luxury picnic, so you can pull of the surprise of the year.

Can I bring my own food to a Los Angeles Luxury Picnic?

Answer: Of course. This is your pop up picnic LA event! While you can often purchase food as add-ons, you are more than welcome to bring your own tasty treats to your LA luxury picnic.

I can’t decide which pop up picnic Los Angeles company to choose. What do I do?

Answer: We get it. So many luxury picnic LA companies offer amazing setups and features. It can be challenging to pick the one for you. Make sure to look through past reviews on the listing and discuss with your prospective pop up LA picnic company to decide who can make your event perfect.

Are beach picnic Los Angeles companies willing to provide backdrops?

Answer: Yes, many do. Make sure to add it on when booking and ensure the backdrop matches what you envision for your beach picnic Los Angeles setup. They are an excellent way to add a new level of excitement.


Luxury picnics in LA are what’s happening and are the best way to spice up your LA beach picnic to something remembered by all. Having a pop up beach picnic at one of LA’s premiere beach destinations will give you the time and space to truly relax and celebrate. So don’t wait. You and your loved ones deserve a luxury picnic in Los Angeles.


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