Top 7 Parks for a Pop up Picnic in LA

Pop up Picnic in LA

Top 7 Parks for a Pop up Picnic in LA

With spring season almost approaching, planning a pop up picnic in LA is the best way to enjoy the fantastic weather. Indulging in delicious bites and enjoying the outdoors with your loved ones is something you will forever cherish.

From Instagram-worthy setups to unique tablescape decorations, a Los Angeles pop up picnic has so much to offer. Los Angeles has many picnic spots to choose from. And for anyone thinking of hosting one in LA, the following spots are guaranteed to give you an unforgettable experience.

Griffith Park

Are you looking for a park in LA to enjoy an amazing sunset view? If yes, then Griffith Park can be your destination. It is one of the best spots in LA to witness the sunset and other beautiful sceneries. You can see the skyline of Los Angeles cloaked in colors from the height of this amazing park.

Chaparral slopes and grassy areas of this park are surrounded by the LA river on the north and east. There is Hollywood Hills on the west and Beachwood Canyon on the south. In addition to the Greek Theatre, other park attractions include steam-powered trains, pony rides, a vintage carousel, a museum, and a zoo.

There are ample amounts of open lawns, with impressive scenic views, perfect for a pop up picnic in LA prepared by a local company. The best part is that the entrance is free. Griffith Park is one of the largest parks in the LA region, with loads of picnic and hiking options.

Everett Park

Everett Park is one of the hidden gems of LA that you must visit once in a lifetime. It is situated on the edge of Echo Park and Chinatown. You can witness the amazing skyline of Los Angeles up close. Quiet, uncrowded, and beautiful, this park is a great place for a pop up picnic in LA.

You can enjoy reading your favorite book, playing with your dog, or listening to music while visiting this park. Everett Park is also a very popular movie set location for known movies like Training Day. When you visit this amazing park, it will make you feel like you’re in a scene from Perks of Being a Wallflower.

You can plan a wedding, family party, baby shower, or pop up picnic in LA at Everett Park with a picnic provider. It is a great spot for a Los Angeles pop up picnic.

 Pan Pacific Park

The Pan Pacific Park is a great picnic spot for those looking for access to great sports facilities. This well-maintained park in LA was developed on the land of the iconic Pan-Pacific Auditorium. It is a great place for kids, teenagers, adults, and elders.

There is a recreation center with numerous facilities for people of all age groups. The basketball, soccer, and tennis courts make it the best place to enjoy outdoor sports in LA. Also, the floor of the playing area is padded with cushioned material, which makes it safe for kids of all ages.

The playing area is safe for kids of all ages, with the flooring being padded with cushioned material. The grass area is a great spot for a pop up picnic in LA. Moreover, there are barbecue pits and picnic benches that are ideal for couples, families, and small gatherings. With Best Picnic Spots, you can reach any company in LA to create stunning picnic displays and experiences.

Plenty of green lawns and shaded areas make it a perfect picnic place in the summers and spring season. For fitness enthusiasts and dog walkers, there is a jogging track too. Plan your pop up picnic in LA now!

Barnsdall Art Park

What a hidden gem! When you are in search of a world-class art gallery, the Barnsdall Art Park is something you should visit. It sits on the top of Olive Hill near the intersection of Hollywood and it hosts local and international art exhibitions.

This unique pop up picnic in LA offers breathtaking views of the Hollywood Sign and is home to the Barnsdall Gallery Theatre. You can also visit the Junior Arts Center and the famous Hollyhock House that is available in this park. In addition to gallery spaces and exhibitions, the park has outdoor cinema nights.

Barnsdall Art Park also offers beautiful lawns and shady groves to roll out a rug and enjoy the day. It offers a gorgeous sunset view and is an amazing place for a pop up picnic in LA.

Hotchkiss Park

For beach lovers, Hotchkiss Park is the best park with a partial beach view. This two-acre green space is great for a destination wedding, small get-together, family functions, and a pop up picnic in LA. If you are planning a picnic at Hotchkiss Park, you can message a vendor on Best Picnic Spots.

Located only a few miles away from Main St., this park never gets too crowded and offers a peaceful area to rest and enjoy. There is a sloping lawn that offers partial views of the ocean and plenty of space for a pop up picnic in LA.

The area is surrounded by grab-and-go cafes where you can try sandwiches, coffee, and other snacks. In addition to this, the park features benches, public art, a walking path, and a play area for kids. The possibilities are endless with Hotchkiss Park.

Point Fermin Park

If you are planning a brunch, birthday party, or family picnic, Point Fermin Park is the best location for you. Hire a company for rehearsal dinner or plan pop up picnic in LA event. Point Fermin Park offers a great luxurious feel with a stunning view of the ocean and the most pleasant breezes.

The Point Fermin Lighthouse is also located on-site, which is a very famous filming location for movies like “500 Days of Summer.” There’s a lot of green space and lawns for a Los Angeles picnic. Also, there is a pathway with a relaxing view of the sea and Sunken City.

In addition, this park has hiking trails, picnic tables, and walking access to many other famous parks. Further, the Korean Bell of Friendship is within walking distance from the park. All in all, it’s certainly worth a visit.

Will RogerPop up Picnic in LAs State Historic Park

The Beverly Hills Will Rogers is one of LA’s most unique and luxury picnic spots. The property is very beautiful and well-maintained. There are 186 acres of grounds that offer amazing activities for visitors. You can enjoy hiking, playing, and walking in this amazing park. The hiking trail will take you to the sweeping vistas of the sea, which makes it best for a park pop up picnic in LA.

This park has LA County’s only outdoor polo field where you can enjoy polo on weekends. You can also take riding lessons and can take part in the game. Roll out a mat on the green area and enjoy the beautiful views as well as the weather. There are many picnic tables and grills available for you.

You can also reserve a park area for weddings, baby showers, birthday parties, or family picnics. Browse and compare through Best Picnic Spots and find your ideal pop up picnic in Los Angeles provider help make your event more organized and special.

Plan a pop up picnic in Los Angeles and enjoy unforgettable memories!

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How to Start a Luxury Picnic Business – Part 1

Are you new and want to start a luxury picnic business?

We have special opportunities for starting entrepreneurs.
No experience necessary!

How to Start a Luxury Picnic Business (with a reasonable budget) – Part 1 

Part 1: The Essential Inventory Guide

You’ve seen the luxury picnic setups at the beach and park and thought to yourself, “You know what? I could do that too.” But perhaps you haven’t gotten started because you have a lot of questions. “What should I buy first? How do I get customers? What should the pricing strategy be?” 

As someone who went through the trials and tribulations of starting a 6-figure luxury picnic company, I had the exact same questions. Through experience, I discovered what worked and what didn’t, and I can tell you that starting your own luxury picnic business is not only very doable, but profitable as well. 

In this 4 part How to Start a Luxury Picnic Business series, I’ll go over four major topics for getting started and include tips and tricks that only an experienced picnic business would know. For example, did you know that you should use stakes for securing your teepee to the sand, otherwise, they may blow away on a windy day, leaving you with a very unhappy customer. 

I’ll aim to provide information that is both thorough and applicable. Too many times when doing my own research, I ran across blogs that simply listed random items simply for affiliate marketing (which is where the blog owner receives a commission when someone purchases the item listed on their blog). I am not utilizing affiliate marketing, and intend to only list items in our How to Start a Luxury Picnic Business series that are used by actual luxury picnic companies like myself. 

Remember, you are operating a business. And a business is meant to make profit. So it’s vital that as you start your journey into entrepreneurship, that you keep in mind budget! We’ll talk more about that. 

The four topics in our How to Start a Luxury Picnic Business series will include:

  1. Inventory (current blog)
  2. How to Set-Up 
  3. Pricing and Add-ons
  4. Customer Interaction (How to book clients!)

A successful business is more than just creating a nice setup. By following the guidance and the pro-tips in this four part How to Start a Luxury Picnic Business series, you’ll learn what it takes to make it in this business, and how to avoid the potential pitfalls! Without further ado, we’ll begin with what any picnic business needs: the inventory. 

Rugs or Throw Blankets:

These are, no pun intended, the groundwork of your luxury picnic setup. It’s important to obtain rugs whose color fit your picnic themes. That being said, a white or light beige color rug will fit almost all types of aesthetics, and should be your starting point. 

The rug should once again be light and fairly rugged, easy to clean, and approximately 50” X 60”. Typically two rugs per table is a good ratio for your luxury picnic setup.

Pro tip: There are rugs that you can buy that are much bigger. You may think using them will prevent you from having to use two rugs. However, large blankets are very difficult to wash in the washing machine. Medium size blankets are ideal for their aesthetic and utility and highly recommended for luxury picnic businesses just getting started.

While I included three samples below, simply searching “Throw Blanket” in amazon or google will provide you many suitable options. None of the options are very expensive.  

Favorite:  American flat Throw Blanket 

While I prefer Cream Herringbone color, there are many different color options available for purchase at a very affordable price. These blankets are large, machine washable, and at a $16.99 price, very affordable. 

luxury picnic

More Luxurious: Ultra Soft and Cozy

At $22.99, these are the most expensive rugs, but they definitely worth it. They are soft, warm, and can even be used as a spare blanket. Their coziness and beautiful fringes make it one of the top choices for luxury picnic setups. 

luxury picnic

Most Affordable: Fleece Blankets

Same size as other rug, but a bit softer. These blankets are a bit softer and are often nice to use in the colder months of evenings. That being said, they aren’t as strong as the blanket listed previously, don’t have any fringes, and may wear overtime from over-washing. These blankets come in many different colors, but I prefer either a white or light gray. At $12.74, they are very affordable. 

Are you ready to start your picnic business?
Click HERE to become a vendor. 

Table Runners:

Atop your table, you’ll need a nice table runner to create that elegant and luxurious aesthetic. Table runners can either be used as a traditional tablecloth (where the entire table is covered) or as a runner, where you leave portions of the wooden table exposed. I definitely recommend the 2nd option as it creates a sharper look. 

Don’t be afraid to buy ones that are extra long. Most table runners are very thin and sheer, so they can easily be transported and washed. Extra length also allows you to use one table runner even when there are multiple tables being used for the setup. Any extra material on the sides of the table can be tied into knots.

Pro Tip: There are thicker/heavier table runners available (that are more rug like in feel). However, I recommend straying away from them simply because they add more weight and space to you during transportation (which you won’t want when you’re setting up luxury picnics everyday). 

Favorite: Ivory Chiffon

Easy choice, elegant feel, and works well for most picnic tables. Multiple colors available all for $11.90; though if you’re looking for something universal, white is ideal.

luxury picnic

Alternative Options: Vatin Chiffon 

Similar to other table runners, this is a good alternative if the other runner is not available. At $10.99, it is a very affordable option.

luxury picnic

Teepee and Decor:

Some picnic providers offer the Teepee as standard and some offer it as an add-on purchase. Nevertheless, the teepee truly creates that luxurious feel of the picnic, and is so easy to set-up as well. 

Some teepees come with floral designs already part of them, which add a nice touch. Teepees come in multiple sizes. Some small and some quite tall. The smaller ones still look amazing, so don’t feel that you need to splurge for the extra big ones. And bare in mind, the larger the teepee, the less sturdy they are (especially on windy days).

Future Pro-tip: In the next blog, I’ll discuss the best methods for cleaning the teepee. 

Favorite Choice for Small: Teepee with rose floral decorations 

At a size of 71 x 47 x 47 inches, this teepee, while not the tallest of teepees, is an ideal choice for your picnic. Not only that, but it can fit in your car, making it an ideal choice for a luxury picnic business just starting out. 

pop up picnic

Favorite Choice for Extra Tall: Large Teepee with Decor

At a size of 49 x 49 x 85 inches, this teepee is much larger and can fit two adults. The all lace appearance gives it a lighter and stunning look. A bit harder to clean and more prone to holes forming, as the material is less durable than ones that utilize more fabric. Also a bit more expensive at $89.99.

As always, simply searching boho in teepee will provide many other options. 

pop up picnic

Liking our How to Start a Luxury Picnic Business guide so far? Make sure to register an account to get access to our full guide! Signing up is completely free and takes less than 5 minutes! 


Placemats are one of the easiest and most inexpensive things you can add to your luxury picnic setup to elevate the experience. Fairly easy to find by searching through amazon or checking out your local stores (Ikea, Ross, TJ Maxx, Crate and Barrel, Target, etc).

I honestly would just head to your local store to buy these, since you’ll get a good feel of what you’re purchasing. When looking at stores, make sure you find ones that are thin (for maximizing space) but also durable. To increase the longevity of the placemats, avoid washing them in the dishwasher, as the high heat can cause them to bend and curl. Hand wash them for best results. 

They come in either rectangular or circular. I’ve personally utilized circular ones, but feel free to find the style that works best for you. I’m including only two examples since they are so easily found. Like other items, I recommend obtaining placemats that are relatively thin to aid in transportation space. 

For those who want to simply buy on amazon, here are some good options: 

Favorite Choice: Natural Water Hyacinth Weave 

A weave option is stronger than woven placemats, will last longer, and will generally prevent the placemat from curling or bending overtime. $13.99 for four. 

pop up picnic

2nd Choice: Woven Round Placemat

Thinner than the weave option. Choose from different colors to fit the theme you’re going for. A beige color will typically work for most themes though, and provide a nice rustic / boho feel to your setups. At $11.59 for a set of 4, these are an easy item to include in your luxury picnic setup, but due to their thinness, may become damaged overtime. 

pop up picnic


Do not misjudge the importance of the chalkboard. Guests love it because it gives them an opportunity to write a personal message about the person or event they are celebrating. There are many options you can choose from whether you go to a local craft store like Michaels or search on amazon. 

Most Economical Choice: Framed Chalkboard

Simple, clean, and does the trick. Lean this framed chalkboard against your luxury picnic with a custom message and you’ll be set. At only $14.99 from Michaels, it’s the most economical choice. I also like it’s size of 17″ x 23″, which isn’t too big or small. Its flat design also make it ideal for transportation and space conservation.

pop up picnic

Make sure you also grab some special white chalkboard markers like these Mr. Pen ones. Or feel free to purchase colored ones as well.

Alternate Choice: Chalkboard Easel

Many luxury picnic providers use a stand-up chalkboard. I found this one to work nicely due to its size at 18” X 31.5”. There are a lot of easel chalkboards on amazon at 20” X 40”, but I feel these are a bit too big. A bit more expensive than the economical choice at $54.99, but still a good choice. 

pop up picnic

Picnic Table:

The picnic table sets the scene for your entire setup and is typically the heaviest of all items in your inventory. Finding one that is lightweight and foldable or with removable legs is essential. Remember, you’ll be transporting these items in your car; anything you can do to minimize space will give you more room in your vehicle as you expand your business to larger and larger parties. Finding a picnic table under 15 pounds is also vital. You may think you can lift more, but once you start setting up regularly, and carrying the items across sandy beaches, you’ll be extremely thankful you went for the lighter option (especially when setting up for parties of 10 or more people.)……

Want to read the rest of our How to Start a Luxury Picnic Business series?

Send us a message HERE and we’ll walk you through the process and send you a  complete How to Start a Luxury Picnic Business inventory guide that includes the best table choices, and the rest of the inventory needed for your picnic, including:

  • Picnic Table 
  • Table Runner
  • Placemats
  • Plates, cups, and cutlery
  • Rugs
  • Boho pillows
  • Floral centerpieces
  • Teepee & teepee decor
  • Umbrella
  • Basket
  • Ice Bucket
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • Chalkboard
  • Charcuterie Board
  • Decorations – The fun part!

Will also be following this with our 2nd How to Start a Luxury Picnic Business guide in the series that will provide setup options and all the tricks and tips to avoid disasters.

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